Unlimited Leads

Extract an unlimited number of leads from Google Maps, Bing Maps, and others sources

Proper Formatting

Download leads in Excel format with appropriate column types or in CSV

Complete Business Profiles

Phone numbers, venue names, addresses, websites, average ratings, and more.

For whom and why

Is your business targeting small businesses: Restaurants, bars, grocery stores, garages, hairdressers, small clothing shops, art galleries, and so on?

If that’s the case, you’ve probably found yourself spending COUNTLESS hours browsing the Web building a prospection file. Emails, websites, addresses, and phone numbers are scattered all over the place, and, if not an intern, YOU will have to spend precious time gathering them before you can even get started prospecting.

This is the modern equivalent of “Take the phone book, go to ‘A’ and start dialing”.

What the software does

Using this software and data from maps, you can:

- Find leads from any location in the world
- Efficiently filter and analyze leads in Excel

While the app is not magical, it efficiently extracts all available data from Google Maps. Without this software, you would need to manage the task manually or hire a virtual assistant.

Getting started

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