How to extract contacts from Google and send messages


How to extract contacts from Google and send messages

How to Extract Contacts from Google

Install for Microsoft Edge

  1. Install Presto Maps Lead Extractor on the Microsoft Edge browser (

Search on Google Maps

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Position the map on the desired region
  3. Search for the term

Reach 40 contacts

  1. Scroll down until you accumulate 40 contacts (free version limit)
  2. Download the spreadsheet in Excel or CSV format

Clear button

  1. Reset the counter (click the “clear” button)
  2. Continue scrolling through businesses and find another 40 contacts, download the spreadsheet, and reset the counter until you have all the businesses in the region
  3. Search for other terms and continue extracting…

Remove duplicates in Google Spreadsheets

  1. Open the spreadsheets
  2. Copy the phone numbers and create an extensive list of numbers
  3. Select all numbers and remove duplicates

How to Send Messages

Premium sender in Chrome Webstore

  1. Install the Premium Sender extension on Google Chrome (

Whatsapp Web

  1. Connect WhatsApp Web on your computer

Send messages

  1. Copy 50 numbers from the list and paste them into Premium Sender
  2. Enter the text to send to the contacts and click the “send message” button
  3. Send messages gradually to avoid being blocked
  4. Opt for older SIM cards to send the messages