Frequently Asked Questions

How to install the extension?

We provide detailed install instruction on the Install page

How to use the extension?

  1. Install the extension
  2. Find an icon the toolbar (click the “puzzle” icon)
  3. Pin the extension for quick access
  4. Go to Google Maps
  5. Search for a business listings
  6. As far as you see new business entries, the counter over the extension’n icon increases
  7. Continue surfing search results and navigating to the subsequent pages.
  8. Open the popup and click “Download” button
  9. You will get an Excel file with all the business listing that you found during the session.
  10. You can clear results before the next iteration.

Free version vs Paid version

Presto is freemium software. You can use a limited version for free or upgrade for unlimited usage.

On a free plan, The download feature is limited to the recent 40 records.


Check the Pricing section.

Please note, that pricing doesn’t include any taxes that will be added to the final amount depending on your country.

How to upgrade to the Premium

In order to upgrade you should

  1. Sign in
  2. Find a Upgrade link the popup
  3. Proceed with a payment
  4. The premium will be activates in a couple of minutes

How to contact the support

Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

How to cancel the subscription?

There are several options:

  1. Within the app you can find a cancel option in the popup
  2. Contact the support at [email protected]

Refund policy

Typically, we don’t offer refund

Please test the extension before purchase. The only difference Free vs Premium plan is a number of records that you can download.

Data format

uuidmaps platform internal ID
querysearch query
fulladdrFull address
local_nameLocal name
local_fulladdrLocal full address
phone_numberscomma-separated phone numbers
categoriescomma-separated categories
reviewsnumber of reviews
ratingaverage rating
thumbnailThumbnail URL