How to Install Presto Maps Lead Extractor

Google Chrome (full version)

Google restricts Google Maps scrapers from Chrome Webstore because it violates the Prohibited products section of the policies quote “Encourage, facilitate, or enable the unauthorized access, download, or streaming of copyrighted content or media”. We can’t distribute extension via Chrome Webstore.

To address the issue with Google’s policies we published the special version of Presto Maps Scraper that scrapes open sources such as OpenStreetMap. If you upgrade for a full version using method called “Sideloading”. Bascially, you download the source code of the extension and load it to the browser in the developer mode. It’s quite easy and takes a couple of minutes.


The detailed instruction:

  1. You’ve download the zip file with extension’s source code.
  2. Locate the downloaded file and unpack the ZIP archive
  3. Open extension page Open this URL chrome://extensions or Use the browser menu: ⋮ > Extensions > Manage Extensions
  4. Enable “Developer mode” in the upper-right corner of the page
  5. Select “Load unpacked” option
  6. Find unpacked extension’s folder “presto-full-version”
  7. Open the folder
  8. That’s it. You can find the extension on the chrome://extensions page

Microsoft Edge

If you are happy user of Microsoft Edge browser, you can install Presto directly from the Microsoft Edge Add-ons marketplace.


Chrome Web Store (limited version)

This version doesn’t work with Google Maps.

Use the following link to install Presto from Chrome Webstore.